Organizing Servers and Network Equipment Cabling

The purpose of the project was to develop easy access to cables, network switches, servers and router.

Cables, servers, and network equipment organizing was done satisfactory and following the client budget.

Work performed for a mid size business office in Los Angeles.

If you plan to replace your old windows server, contact us for a consultation on equipment and software versions that can best fit your business needs and do not require enormous amount of money spent. We can provide you with an estimate and you are to decide if you save money with us or purchase equipment on your own.

We can purchase equipment and software, install Windows Server Software on the purchased hardware equipment, deliver it to your location and install it, then transfer data from your old server.

Vitals Web server tech have considerable expertise in Windows remote server maintenance.

Standard System Checks

  • Verify that virus definitions are up to date.
  • Audit system users to ensure adherence to virus policy.
  • Verify that Windows patches and critical fixes are up-to-date and installed.
  • Check event log for errors. Basic fixes to an event log error are handled remotely. Other fixes requiring an on-site technician visit.
  • Check system resources for availability and suggest ways to improve resource management. System resources include:
    • Hard Drive(s)
    • RAM
    • CPU
  • Monitor the operating system for unnecessary services or applications, and suggest ways to improve performance.
  • Monitor and collect data to trend Memory, CPU and disk utilization. The trends allow proactive suggestions for hardware resource management.

Vitals Web offers this service for servers running Windows 2000 or newer. We also provide remote administration and monitoring services for desktops (remote software logins are to be provided by the customer).